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  • William thanks user 'spinache' in the forum message ' Transmission Oil Leak Repair'.
    2 hours 25 minutes ago
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  • Louis Griffith created a new topic ' Crack in bilge bulkhead' in the forum.
    11 hours 37 minutes ago

    Attached is a photo of a crack in the bulkhead in the bilge compartment looking aft behind the mast step of out IP 350. The crack runs across the entire divider from starboard to port, about halfway up the bulkhead. using a thin metal plate, I can penetrate the wood to the other side.

    Any similar experiences, ideas for cause, etc. No idea how old this is. Have owned the boat for 2 years and this is the first time we've had the mast pulled. The panel is somewhat green below the crack but not moldy.
    Should we remove and replace? Tough area to access for sure.

    Thanks in advance

    Lou Griffith
    Annabella / TDL35063B898

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  • Jim Lawless created a new topic ' Transmission Oil Leak Repair' in the forum.
    23 hours 45 minutes ago

    Here is my description of a DYI repair of a transmission oil leak that turned out to be the O ring instead of the oil seal. My boat is a 1989 IP35 hull #016. The seal, O ring and locking nut had been replaced 7 years earlier by a Yanmar mechanic for $1300. I did this without removing the transmission and I did it myself for the cost of parts ($33.43) in about 8 hours. Attached are 3 different file formats showing how I did this (Rich Text, Web Archive and PDF).

  • Jim thanks user 'hayden' in the forum message ' 2002 IP 350'.
  • hayden replied to the topic '2002 IP 350' in the forum.
    2 days ago


    You have ZERO worries about the chain plates on a 2002 IP 350, the design and welding changed in 1997 time frame or thereabout and you have the newer better design that solved the issues. NO WORRIES. I know of now issues with the IP 350 that you need to be worried about. If you like the boat, and if you like the way it sails and if you can afford it, then I say, BUY IT and get out sailing. There is no better life than cruising around and simply living the sailing life. NONE.

    Hayden in Hope Town Bahamas with about 6 other IPs

  • Jim created a new topic ' 2002 IP 350' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    I am new to the forum and Island Packets.

    I am relatively new to sailing and am now ready to upgrade to a cruiser. We have an eye on a 2002 Island Packet 350. In my research I cannot find much on the 350. I am interested in weaknesses I should be aware of. I hear a Island Packet weakness is Chain plate inspection/replacement. Is that still an issue with the 2002 models? If this is such a big deal why hasn't IP corrected the design.

    I will hire a surveyor but all my experiences with surveyors has been awful. I will do my own survey as well which usually takes me two full days.


  • hayden added a new event
    2 days ago
  • hayden replied to the topic 'Cleaning Bare Teak (Companionway Steps)' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    WOW!!!!!! That looks fantastic. Now you can provide this service to other IP owners! Great job and thanks for the details and steps you went through.

    Hayden in Hope Town Bahamas

  • William replied to the topic 'Cleaning Bare Teak (Companionway Steps)' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    powersht2k wrote:

    Well - spent over 4 hours scouring the interwebs looking for the magic bullet for getting my c-way steps clean. All I know is, i've probably got a better chance of winning the lottery on Wednesday than I do in finding two people who agree the best way to clean bare teak. I'd love to hear what the forum thinks. Thanks in advance....

    - for cleaning I got good results with the "bar keepers friend", a liquid version of oxalic acid. They are available at lowes, Home Depot, etc. Then I began the slow process of making it "glow" using the recommended techniques and oils in the attached article: I used Danish oil, and Danish oil rejuvenator, and mineral spirits, also available at lowes. . I have since began to use the same techniques on all my interior wood. I do not use the oxalic acid on the bulkheads though. Instead I wash with mr clean and water, then I rub well with mineral spirits and a gray 3m scrub pad. Then I begin the slow process of getting the "glow". Read the attached article, (I also included a picture of the first page of the article) to learn how to create the glow. It is actually very enjoyable. I pick a section of the cabin to do at a time, then move on to a different area when the.mood strikes. Please read the article, and you will begin to understand. Every boat and every panel has it's own characteristics. After a while you will get a feel for it. It is much more like growing roses than applying a finish to, say, an automobile metal surface.
    [File Attachment: image_2015-03-28.jpg]

    [File Attachment: image_2015-03-28-2.jpg]

    [File Attachment: image_2015-03-28-3.jpg]


  • hayden replied to the topic 'Hoyt Boom – Could I have bent mine?' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    IP 440 Bob and Maureen here in Hope Town Bahamas said...

    Hayden, from the aluminum tube (not the vertical fitting) to the deck with the sheet slack is 30".


  • Bob Mersereau IP Live Aboard Cruisers
    3 days ago

    My wife Donnell and I left the Great Lakes on our IP 440 in September of 2012. Since then we have been living on the boat while seasonally migrating from the Bahamas to Boston.

    hayden Bob, does Grand Cru have a blog? You guys run North and South like we cross the Chesapeake bay.
    3 days ago

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