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  • Tim Zuelke created a new topic ' IP 350' in the forum.
    6 hours 48 minutes ago

    I just purchased a 2000 Island Packet 350 and have a question about the aftwartship berth. Does anyone know the distance from the stowage locker to the cabin wall next to the engine room. I have attached a photo that might help you understand what I need.

    Thanks, Tim


  • David Hawkinson replied to the topic 'Rocna Anchor' in the forum.
    7 hours 5 minutes ago

    I could not fit the Rocna on my IP 31 side rollers. But I just bought the new Rocna without the roller bar, called The Vulcan. It is supposed to have the same features as the original. Looking forward to using it soon.


  • Mike and Judy Sawyer shared 5 photos in the Mike and Judy Sawyer's Photos album
    10 hours 48 minutes ago

    The toe rail was starting to look funky. We used CitriStrip, sanded with 150 then 220, 3 coats of Cetol Marine, and two coats of Cetol Gloss. Put the stainless rub rail back on and she is more presentable. The rest of the stainless is next. Thanks to weather it took much longer than expected.

  • Bruce A Senay
    12 hours 42 minutes ago

    In Shelter Bay Marina,Colon Panama since April 4, 2015

  • hayden replied to the topic 'An instant in time.' in the forum.

    OMG!!!!!! That is crazy close and crasy scarey. I am so glad you figured out how to avoid the collision. Good job and good reaction. It is amazing to me how many times powerboats have no clue you are there just going 5 knots. They simply keep running full speed right past.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Hayden in Green Turtle cay


  • William created a new topic ' An instant in time.' in the forum.

    In ten seconds I would be required to make a decision that decided if we lived or died and I had no clue it was about to happen. Yesterday about noon I had my head down looking a nautical chart while Lynn sat just to my left in the captain's seat. She was piloting our boat "otter" up the intercoastal waterway just south of Sebastion. 10...9...8... Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard Lynn say, "That guy needs to change course." Something in her voice caught my attention, but not enough to make me look up...7...6...5...then "keith! Do I turn?" The alarm in her voice commanded I look up now. What I saw made everything else fade to nothing. A massive tall power yacht spewing out large waves on either side had left his "lane" and was pointed directly at our small vessel. His high powered collision course would crush us from bow to stern. 4...3...Somehow instantly I knew the problem Lynn was facing. Do we turn or did he see us? Was he about to correct his course? If so we should stay our course. I studied his bow for a moment, I held my breath. I saw no movement from his bow...2...1...strangely calm, as if it were just any simple decision, I raised my left hand and pointed to port while saying "Turn." then louder each time. "Turn, TURN!" Lynn yanked the wheel hard to port and the monster yacht screamed past us, never veering from his course. I remember looking up at the pilot house as they went by and seeing them look down at me with an expression of surprise and confusion. Then the passengers sitting on their picnic deck looking startled that I was so close to their boat. Close call! I'll leave out the delayed 'freaking out", the radio calls, and the prayers of thanksgiving. But later that evening, sitting in a beautiful anchorage watching the sun set, I looked over at Lynn, smiled and said "Good job today kid!" She just smiled back at me. We touched our glasses of Jack and coke in a toast to the day and to the Lifestyle we have chosen.


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  • Chris created a new topic ' Island Packet 350 - critical points to check' in the forum.

    I am new to this forum - my name is Chris and I live in Austria doing some sailing in the Adriatic Sea. I am planning to purchase an Island Packet 350 (year: 1998) for extended sailing in the Mediterranean in the years to come. I would like to ask Island Packet owners if there is anything I should take care or be aware of for this type of boat. Are there any problematic spots which should be checked? - I have read about potential chain plates and holding tank troubles. The boat was not much in use the last 5 years, engine hours are around 1900. The boat will be surveyed by a specialist next friday. Any hints and help highly appreciated - Thanks!


  • hayden replied to the topic 'Suggestions - IP 40 re chain pyramiding & backing up in anchor locker' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    My ramp is made of 1/2" starboard and then beefed up as needed with double edges. To keep the chain on the ramp we added a verticle ledge. The ramp is resting on glued in blocks and we added a verticle support screwed to the divider.

    Here is a photo with chain pushed away.

    Note, this was was installed in 2002 and it has worked well for all these years.


    Hayden in Abaco Bahamas


  • Jimmy Stacy replied to the topic 'Suggestions - IP 40 re chain pyramiding & backing up in anchor locker' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hi Hayden,

    is your ramp that you made built from Starboard or coated plywood? Was that half inch or 1 inch? And finally, does it just sit in and hold itself in place or did you have to attach it somehow?


  • Erin Brown replied to the topic 'Replacing Propane Solenoid IP40' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Thanks Hayden,

    Knocked it out this afternoon, and other than being a bit bruised up from squeezing into the locker under the navdesk to get at the wiring, it wasn't too bad.

    Thanks for taking time out while your enjoying the good life in Abaco or wherever you are now. We're jealous.

    Enjoy and thanks


  • george henry replied to the topic 'VPN secure your WiFi with Astrill' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    I have used and find it very acceptable. I may give astrill a try, but what I read is a minimum $30/3 mo. Unlocator allows $5/1mo. Plus offers a free trial, Try it.
    George Henry
    S/V Andromeda, IP 44-35,
    Isla Mujeres Mexico


  • hayden replied to the topic 'Replacing Propane Solenoid IP40' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    The boat wires are secured below deck with a wire tie screwed to the below decks. SO, make sure you look for that below first in order to pull the boat wiring to the deck. Then it is all easy, just make the new connections on deck then push it all back below deck again and seal it. Then go below decks and secure the wires again.
    Hayden in the Bahamas


  • Erin Brown created a new topic ' Replacing Propane Solenoid IP40' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    Howdy Folks,

    We have an IP40 that ate the original propane solenoid 2 days after we closed on her, right before leaving for a week of offshore sailing. Fortunately the PO had plenty of spares aboard and after jumping through some hoops we where able to replace the old solenoid and complete get the boat home to Texas. Due to timing we opted for a temporary bandaid and just attached the new solenoid wiring to the wiring from the old solenoid (vs pulling it all up and attaching directly to the boat wiring). So it's been on my list to fix it right since then and I think this is the weekend.

    I believe I'll need to remove the old gunk from the hole in the propane locker and pull up the wiring from there, so I can remove the old pigtail wiring from the previous solenoid and attach the new wiring properly (crimps and heat shrink tubing). Just curious if anyone has done this and has pictures from the process, any recommendations for tools needed or tricks to the process would be appreciated. I think the painful part will be removing the old sealant and getting to the wiring but haven't investigated fully yet. Since I'm 4 hours from the boat I'm trying to make sure I don't leave anything critical at home.

    Thanks in advance,


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