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  • Eric Heck replied to the topic 'IP 29 FUEL TANK CLEANING AND/OR REPLACEMENT' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    I had crud in my fuel tank on my IP 380. Here's what I did, and it's worked well. I made a fuel polishing loop (Shelco filter & Webco pump) and mounted it on the starboard engine door. I used the aux pickup and return connectors on the fuel tank for this loop. I also added the capability to switch from the existing fuel loop to the polishing loop by fipping 2 side by side cross over valves. In this when, when under engine power, if needed I can bypass the Racor and have the Shelco filter feed the engine with out missing a beat.

    No with a polishing loop in place, I used it to empty the fuel tank into a couple clear trash cans. Once empty, I opened the small circular acess hatch for the sending unit and lifted it out. I used a mini long handled roller (from Home Depot) and was able to go through the access hatch and use several rollers to scrub the bottom of the tank. Couldn't reach everywhere, but this is right above the deepest point and baffel and looked to be the worst area. Then using a 3 gallon garden sprayer, I filled it with diesel, stuck the sprayer into the tank and sprayed, on pin point mode, the bottom and side of tank and over into areas the roller could reach. This 3 gallons of diesel in the tank was dirty so I off loaded it, using polisher, into a separate jerry jug. I then added 1 gallon of desiel to the sprayer and 3 bottle of this tank clearner. Sprayed it all around the tank and let it sit overnight. Next day, I used the mini rollers to clearn out the crud that collected in the tank bottom and offloaded the liquid into a jerry jug for disposal. I sprayed in another 3 gallons of desiel and polished that of into the other fuel in the trask cans and then polished all that fuel back into the tank. The tank inside, that I can see, looks clean.
    and let it sit overnight. Next day, I repeated the above empty tank / cleaning process, except I didn't add another bottle of the tank cleaner


  • jules robinson replied to the topic 'Re: New Spinnaker and spinnaker/whisker pole' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hi Steve,

    Yes sure but I have yet to get the UPS for my IP370. I had the UPS on my two previous boats, first with further, second with sock, I much preferred the sock.

    The UPS on the furler tended to get wrapped around it self and it was a big hassle some times. Deploying and dousing with the sock was always trouble free, fast and easy.

    you can call me if you like; 305-904-4321

    All the best,



  • Steve replied to the topic 'Re: New Spinnaker and spinnaker/whisker pole' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hi Jules,

    I recently took possession of a 2005 IP 370 and am thinking of getting the Doyle UPS on the roller furling. (This boat was not rigged with a staysail.) Are you available to talk more about your experience?

    Thanks muchly.



  • Alain uploaded a new avatar.
    Alain We purchased IP-38 "Holiday" from Deb & Pat Hentschell in June, at Dutch Harbor, Jamestown, RI.
    3 days ago
  • Ed Finn replied to the topic 'Engine Shut Off' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    I had the same problem with the same engine HM 35F
    I just got tired of fixing it and replaced it with a manual shut off cable
    - ran it back thru the starboard locker..


  • Cheri + Tom Ward replied to the topic 'New main sail' in the forum.
    4 days ago

    We recently bought a new sail from Mack Sails. I discussed the different cloths with them and was told the Dacron was best for our needs - no racing, plans for extended cruising. They also mentioned that battens (vertical, duh) don't work well with in-mast roller furling, something to consider with laminate sails.


  • Midnights sailing on IP380 SY Touche is now being featured in the community.

    6 days ago

  • Judith L. Jacobsen added a video.
    6 days ago

    The song is called Norwegian Sunsets, although the sun never set in any of these photos, taken over a 5 week period

  • Judith L. Jacobsen added a video.
    6 days ago

    Wind against current

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    6 days ago

  • Judith L. Jacobsen has changed their profile cover.

    6 days ago

  • hayden created a new topic ' WeBoost Cell 3G 4G Signal Booster Amp' in the forum.
    6 days ago

    I just received the WeBoost Drive 4G-S Cell Signal Cradle booster bought from 3gstore for $199. Here are my first observations.

    #1. The included cradle USB plug intended for charging your phone, while in the cradle, will not do that when the cradle is working hard to boost the cell signal. The entire 5.5v and 2 amps will be used to boost, non left over to charge the phone. So, you will need two power feeds. One to the cradle one to the phone. Not a big deal. I told they should then remove this USB since it provides no support.

    #2. It will boost the signal if and when the signal is at or below -105 dBm, this is the threshold at where the booster will work. Above there, no boost due to too weak of signal.

    #3. The cell receive signal strength, the RSSI can be found on an Android phone under Settings > About Phone > Status, there you will see the signal strength. RSSI needs to be below -105 dBm and if you see -65 dBm to -72 Dbm then that is a near perfect signal.

    Here are photos of my cell in and out of the WeBoost:



    #4. I have been using this RSSI open signal app to test cell coverage and to go site survey maps helping me find the best signal. This OPEN SIGNAL app is available for iPhone and for Android. Use this to make out your signal.

    #5. I use the app and web site to test out my cell connectivity and wifi speeds. I use 100% Verizon cell for all my Internet use and web site management. I have been doing this for years. I am amazed at the current speeds I see of 4G, plus I have a rare, unlimited Verizon data account!

    I will be taking this WeBoost amp and testing it AZ, NM, CO, and UT on a remote camping trip. I will report how well it works. I also plan to use this in the Bahamas this winter where it will boost the 3G and 4G signal of BTC Bahamas. On first review and usage, I find it really works well.




  • Joseph Hotard created a new topic ' New main sail' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    I am consisdering replacing the main sail on my IP380. I am wondering if it is time to upgrade from Dacron to some of the new high tech laminate/composite materials. Does anyone have any experience replacing an in-mast furling main with with anything other than cross cut Dacron? I am currently talking to Quantum and Ullman. Any other suggestions?


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  • richard thanked Richard Egge II in topic Re-upolstery
    2 weeks ago
  • Cheri + Tom Ward replied to the topic 'Where to store dinghy' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    Lou - I believe that if you're going to be off shore for any extended period of time, more than 24 hours, you should not carry your dinghy on the davits. In the five days it took us to return from Bermuda we had one full day of bad weather with 15' to 20' seas. Had several instances of waves breaking over the bimini. A dinghy on the davits would have been a disaster but with ours secured deflated on deck we came through with no damage. Once you're in the BVI you would be safe to carry it on the davits for short runs between islands.

    IP 420-35
    La Vida Dulce


  • Louis Griffith replied to the topic 'Where to store dinghy' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    We have a much smaller boat (350) and this is a concern for us as we are going to BVI with ARC 1500. With the engine off the dinghy, I'm pretty sure the davits will handle the 100 pound weight if properly secured. Pretty sure is not where I'd like to be at this point, but have discussed this with some very experienced WCC people and they have raised my confidence level. Have you talked to the davit supplier?




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