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The Island Packet Mail Server is run by Bruce Gregory and is a fantastic tool for connecting and communicating with the Island Packet Owners using your email tools. Please use this link below to join the IP Mail server. The yearly fee is $20 and Bruce will send you information about payment after you sign up.


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We, Hayden and Radeen, provide the constant yearly financial support, design and management for these projects simply as Island Packet Owners since 1991. We provide this service simply out of the JOY of IP ownership.

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Hayden2 via Facebook replied to the topic '11,500 IPphotos moving to IPYOA' in the forum. 4 minutes ago

One more pont. Sach photos and albums.

You do see I built a very powerful PHOTO SEARCH under the photo link drop down. It is also the same as the search menu link.

Enter a word like RADAR, then check the box for photo and album and all radar photos come up.

Works great.



Hayden2 via Facebook replied to the topic '11,500 IPphotos moving to IPYOA' in the forum. 10 minutes ago

Thank you Tom, I agree and the structure of IPphotos is the exact structure I have been trying to rebuild into this community. The missing piece is the lack of pre built photo categories for all our albums. That is what we are coding. Right now I am working on all base apps being upgraded and also the base engine upgrade. These alone are a challenge. Once that is finished then my programmer can create the photo categories and sub categories. We have the data tables from ipphotos ready to go.

My forum also follows the same system structure and that too is key. So thank you for your feedback.



Cheri + Tom Ward replied to the topic '11,500 IPphotos moving to IPYOA' in the forum. 55 minutes ago


Of all the resources available to Island Packet owners (IP Homeport, IPYOA and whatever else is out there) for me IP Photos is by far the most useful and easiest to navigate. It's the only place that has a logical layout for pictures of projects and upgrades. Everywhere else it's hit or miss trying to find specific info. Forums are fine for chit-chat but pictures with explanations really tell the story so much better. I'm pleased to hear it'll soon be incorporated here and back to full operation. I still have plenty of work to do on my boat and need that source of inspiration and technical know-how. Muchas gracias Hayden for bringing back such a great resource.

Tom Ward
IP 420-35
La Vida Dulce


hayden created a new topic ' 11,500 IPphotos moving to IPYOA' in the forum. 5 hours 5 minutes ago

I have begun the massive job of moving, re-coding, integrating, and upgrading IPYOA so it can accept the import and the photo categories matching IPphotos. Note: IPphotos was built in December 1999 (over my Christmas Vacation break from school) then, within months, it had hundreds of photos shared by owners.. Note this was years before Facebook, and by the time Facebook launched in 2004, we had nearly 2,000 photos shared by hundreds of Island Packet owners!

Currently the site has been placed into an archive state, preventing members from deleting their photos shared over the many years. Yes, we had one member delete all his 94 photo albums shared with the fleet. He decided he no longer wanted to share. At that point, I had to re-code the application to prevent deletion in order to protect the archive we all had built over the many many years. I funded and paid for this project ever since inception and I did not want one owner to degrade the archive via deletion, so I locked it down, and protected what we built.

Now, it is time to fully take down the IPphotos site and integrate it into this wonderful site. To do that, I have hired and already paid for a programmer to code the integration. We will be building the same photo categories and photo sub-categories matching Then we will import the 11,500 photos into this new photo structure here. Finally, we will take the 5,700 photos inside of IPYOA and move these albums into their proper photo categories matching their subjects. Once this is all completed, who knows when, we will then have an IP Owners Photos collection of nearly 20,000 photos! That will be really outstanding.

Please know that IPYOA is under constant upgrades, and management. I work on this in my spare time simply because I enjoy and Love Island Packewt Yachts.. Please know that my goal is to combine the photo archive of IPphotos into a new and improved photo collection in IPYOA with matching categories.

I hope this helps IP owners with their ownership and enjoyment of their yacht.




Michael Luskin replied to the topic 'Reefing System' in the forum. 5 hours 49 minutes ago

I bet you can use the same size rivets. Try to drill off just the head of the old rivet and don't let the drill go into the hole in the boom. But, if you have the tools, I'd tap holes for machine screws. (I think mine are 5/16" x 1"; don't know the thread size.) This gives you quick and easy access to the inside of the boom if you need it to untangle anything. ML


Hayden2 via Facebook - updated event, Miami Boat Show 12 hours 28 minutes ago
Hayden2 via Facebook added a new event 12 hours

Miami Boat Show NEW LOCATION FOR 2016!...

  • Thursday, 11 February 2016 12:00 AM
  • Miami, Florida
William thanked hayden in topic ICW run MD to FL 2015 14 hours 52 minutes ago
Hayden2 via Facebook replied to the topic 'ICW run MD to FL 2015' in the forum. 16 hours 2 minutes ago

Here is our Google Spot map of our trip

This trip had some nice offshore legs.



hayden replied to the topic 'ICW run MD to FL 2015' in the forum. yesterday

I agree, Georgia is beautiful, and we fully enjoyed our visits in 2011 and 2012. We took in the Jekyll Island IPY Yacht Club, I need to find my photos of that one. We enjoyed the anchorage off Cumberland Island where I shot over 100 photos. Then we moved up to the St. Mary's town for Thanksgiving and really enjoyed that. Yes, there are many great places to see and tour in Georgia, but we really like pushing on to Biscayne Bay and also the Bahamas, so now we go offshore and run the Georgia Coast and into St. Marys.

Here is our blog post



Chess and Karen Harris replied to the topic 'IP 380 Leaking Holding Tank' in the forum. yesterday rest for the weary.

Submitted the tech specs for the 380 holding tank to Stacy at Wellington Plastics on Monday; they completed the build in 3/8 poly with the 8" access port on the top yesterday (Thursday), and are shipping today (Friday). Will post pics of the product, and assessment of the access point locations/tapping when it arrives...due here from BC in 6 days.

Hurricane JOAQUINE is making a real mess of things here in Norfolk. Massive tidal, wind, and rain surges. Lots of fun. Will keep the forum posted as we get the holding tank and lines replaced.

Chess and karen


Ed Finn replied to the topic 'Reefing System' in the forum. yesterday

Regarding replacing the drilled out rivets by tapping the boom, and using machine screws
You may be able to get away with using a slightly larger sized rivet, and thus not have to "tap"
The existing hole.
Be sure you obtain rivets with a stainless steel or alumimium "nail" as the more common mild steel rivet nails. Will rust quickly.


david Jolley created a new topic ' Fitting a replacement Cabin Sole' in the forum. yesterday

I have an IP320 based in the UK. At last after 5 years of getting around to replace the teak and holly cabin sole.
I've lifted the edging trim pretty easily by using a narrow flat blade wall paper scrapper under the trim and tap with a mallet to sever the small brass fixing pins, revealing plenty of screws used to fix the floor down.
I had wanted to check over the "under floor" tanks, but after undoing all the screws, I still can't lift the floor out.
I'd be grateful for any ideas that don't involve chopping the floor up as I want to use the existing base for the new teak veneer.



William replied to the topic 'ICW run MD to FL 2015' in the forum. yesterday

Miss Georgia? Hayden, I'm ashamed of you. If you pull into fernadina, at least anchor and explore Cumberland for a few days. Catch some blue crab and shrimp, and explore the ruins!


Marg Broaders replied to the topic 'IP 380 Leaking Holding Tank' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi again,
Auto correct on my computer made the name of the book inaccurate.
the title is "Get Rid of Boat Odors"



Marg Broaders replied to the topic 'IP 380 Leaking Holding Tank' in the forum. 2 days ago

I recommend a good book called "Get rid of boat doors" You can get if at and it is not expensive.
The author discusses the various options including the bladder tanks. It is her opinion that they do not last
long before odor problems develop. Her recommendation is a polyurethane tank that is a minimum of 3/8 inch
thick which will contain odors. Metals are susceptible to corrosion due to the action of ammonia in urine on metal.
Most of them fail in about 5 years.


Cheri + Tom Ward replied to the topic 'IP Owners' Blogs and RSS feeds' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hayden - I really like the new layout of the RSS section. Much easier to navigate and better for finding most recent updates. Nicely done.

- Tom


hayden - updated group, Chesapeake Delaware Bays

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