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Michael Luskin shared 3 photos in the Jacklines album 17 hours 39 minutes ago

Photos are being loaded
Bill Sloan replied to the topic 'LED Replacement anchor light for 1998 IP 40' in the forum. 2 days ago

I have the IP-31, 1985 model and need to replace the anchor light but like others don't want to make two trips up the mast, does anyone know which light is up there on this vessel and what bulb, hope to replace all my lights, cabin and running as well as anchor with LEDFS, need exact model of manufacture; and bulb number of original. thanks for any help, Bill Sloan S/V Resolute 1985 IP-31


Radeen is friends with Tom Ptaszek

hayden replied to the topic '11,500 IPphotos moving to IPYOA' in the forum. 4 days ago

I agree, integration is the goal. Job #1, integrate IPphotos, 11,500 photos into the 5,500+ photos here saving that archive from those that tried to delete it.

I recommend that you post these links for ALL our IP sites and help every one promote our IP groups.
Post these links and share them please on the other site as well, then every one knows all our sites.

The Island Packet Factory Site

The Island Packet Yacht Owners Association:

The Island Packet Yacht Owners Facebook Group

The Island Packet Photos site (soon to be deleted Dec 10, 2015 and moved here)

The Island Packet Homeport Site

Please see if you can share these links on your forum as well. I dare you!

Thank you.



Rich Westlake replied to the topic '11,500 IPphotos moving to IPYOA' in the forum. 4 days ago

As you know from earlier dialogue, I am all for the integration you describe. My concern has been for the fragmentation of the IP community due to the proliferation of competing options. For example, the Facebook community is new, and has brought new "faces" to the conversations, but those who are loyal to the earlier communities will never meet this part of the fleet. I'm all for outreach, but it would be nice if we could find a way to integrate the entire community of IP loyalists.
Rich W.


Rich Westlake replied to the topic 'New Site Upgrade for MOBILE' in the forum. 4 days ago

I too use the site primarily in mobile mode. Love it! Knowing what posts are new is important to me, and I don't think I have always seen the "new" in green. Very helpful. Thanks for what you've done!
Rich W.


hayden commented on Conrad Nelson's photo 4 days ago

Thank you to NORM and MARY our Island Packet Maine Dealer for hosting this rendezvous.

hayden commented on Conrad Nelson's photo 5 days ago

WOW, Is this an IP27 with a sugar scoop custom made! That looks great!

Ian Meikle replied to the topic 'IP 380 Leaking Holding Tank' in the forum. 5 days ago

Chess & Karen,
Great progress and a really great detailed report.
Your description of the project will make it a lot easier for me once I start the tank removal.
My time line to start is end of October currently working through an in mast roller furling main sail jamming issue. Replacing main and changing some of the rigging.
Also updating some of the Espar hydronic heating system. Like you I do most of the work myself.
Thank you again for the tank update.


Conrad Nelson shared 51 photos in the Maine Rendezvous 2015 album 5 days ago

Photos are being loaded
hayden replied to the topic 'New Site Upgrade for MOBILE' in the forum. 5 days ago

Just checking in on Mobile users....
Have you tried on your SMART PHONE? It really is optimized for the mobile web as well as for tablets and laptops. Give it a try. I find that I am using IPYOA more on my mobile smart phone than I am on my laptop. I would love to hear how others find the mobile use and if it is working well for you on your phones.




Chess and Karen Harris replied to the topic 'IP 380 Leaking Holding Tank' in the forum. 5 days ago

ian and Forum folks tracking the holding tank extract project ----> Done.

Was a one-guy job, taking about 5.5hrs. 3 hrs to do the main cuts, 2 hrs to do the follow-up cuts (discussed below) and about 30 min to wedgie out the holding tank. Pics attached.

Will post a dimension-specific drawing of the cut lines related to fixed points on the sole for others to use.
Dimension of the cut is 22.5" by 33 .75".The cut lines lined up exactly with the inside wooden frame of the holding tank sub compartment.

Pic1 - shows the depth of the cut and near perfect alignment with the bulkheads/timbers. The sole is a composite glued together 1 3/8 thick teak, marine plywood and fiberglass section. Under the sole structure, with a 1/2 air gap, is a 1" x 1.5" wooden subframe that secures the top of the holding tank to the boat frame. The subframe is glued (as Karsten at IP said...with very liberal application of 5200 everywhere) and screwed into the bulkheads (with SS screws) and fore/aft running timbers. The tank has about a 5/8 air gap all the way around from the bulkheads/timbers.
Pic2 - shows the sub-frame that I had to also cut away from the bulkheads and timbers. we had an extra fun time. The "liberal amount of 5200" included filling the air gap between the bulkheads/timers and the sole which added a dozen more "screwed-in like" points that glued the sole to the sub-frame. Lots of fun. Once the subframe was removed, the tank moved about easily in the sub-compartment.
Pic3- I slid a strap down one end of the tank, and worked it under the tank. Used the strap to lift, and the attached suction handle to pull the tank out of the sub-compartment.
Pic4-yes the hole. a little over 1.5" hole in the aluminum tank. Guy next to me is metal guy, and said the aluminum should not have failed like that. Maybe a weld seam, but not a flat surface. Will get with Hayden to see what we should present to IPY to work with Florida Marine Tanks, the manufacturer. Too many of these failures in the same place.
Pic5- subspace cleaned and ready for the new tank that arrives Tuesday next week. Will paint the interior of the sub-compartment with a couple coats of epoxy paint (IPY only painted the section directly under the tank). Will smooth the edges of the cut-out section, and glue 1/8 birch strips to finish the access door frame in the sole and to finish the sides of the sole section I removed so they are framed out to look they same as the other access panels in the sole. Will keep you posted.

Chess and Karen
The Belle of Virginia ... without the smell now.


hayden replied to the topic 'Following our dream' in the forum. 5 days ago

FANTASTIC JOB Mike and Judy, this is wonderful news.

I always say, the hardest part of cruising is simply leaving the dock and going. There is always one more item to buy, one more item to fix and one more thing to do, BUT, there comes a time in the cruising plan, where you just have to say, WE ARE LEAVING, and you go. Once gone, and once out, you will find it is 10 times easier than you ever expected. It is simply one day at a time, one leg at a time. Sure your boat will break down and you will have to fix it along the way, but that is expected, it is a boat after all. So, toss of the lines, forget about buying and fixing and loading, GO GO GO, and you will LOVE IT.

I have added your RSS blog feed to the RSS chapter here:

As you blog and update, IPYOA will add your data as well. Thanks for sharing your news, I am very happy for you. ENJOY.



Mike and Judy Sawyer created a new topic ' Following our dream' in the forum. 5 days ago

After two years of preparation we are untying the lines today and starting our voyage to warmer waters. We believe HONU is ready, in part due to information we gained here, and know that we are. We plan to leave our slip at Alameda Marina around 1400 PDT. Tonight will be spent at anchor in Horseshoe Cove near the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. Tomorrow we will ride the tide out the gate and "turn left'. We plan a leisurely two week trip to San Diego where we will prepare to join the Baja Ha-Ha to Cabo San Lucas. After that ... ? You can follow our progress, or lack thereof, at our blog . You can find our location at Our MMSI is 367584430. Our callsign is WDG9111 should you want to give us a call while we're underway

We are happy and proud to join all of the Island Packet owners who have preceded us in the pursuit of their dreams and look forward to meeting many of you in anchorages and harbors, who knows where.


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