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  • mark rodger created a new topic ' sink plugs' in the forum.
    11 hours 32 minutes ago

    Hi guys as per usual I need info when I am not near the boat. All our sink plugs are starting to perish and are past their best. She who must be obeyed would like them all changed. My problem is twofold, I did not check the size before leaving the boat and as we are out here in Greece everything is metric. I have a work mate from the states who will pick some up for me but I need to know the sizes. Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance



  • hayden created a new topic ' Dinghy Ladder, works great' in the forum.

    We have been using this dinghy ladder to make it easier to get back into the dinghy when snorkeling and when you are not standing on the botton. This is USA made, and really is a great design.

    Up N Out Dinghy Ladder

    See this link.


  • Chris Moat replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Thanks for the offer and all of your help. I've put the order for the new version in now and hopefully will receive it in a few days - meaning we can finally get off for some cruising around menorca.

    Thanks again,


  • hayden replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    Centek Industries makes 2" to 3" fittings.
    See this.

    If you want the U shape original item, I could order one and ship it tobytoto you. Would that help? If so, just let me know.



  • Chris Moat replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    I'm going to change to the newer version - I think there must be some sort of supply problem in Europe for the old version.

    What do you recommend as a reducer - it seems there are quite a few options - grp, brass, silicone, stainless ?


  • hayden replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    3 days ago

    The old version shaped like a U is usually available. This is the once that clogs up after a few years.
    Old Style Yanmar Mixing Elbow Part #7 Yanmar Part # 129198-13500 ELBOW, MIXING, about $200

    The newer on is SQUARE and usually never needs changed out:
    New Style Yanmar Mixing Elbow Parth #15 Yanmar Part #129470-13541 ELBOW, WATER MIXING, about $900



  • Chris Moat replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    4 days ago

    Thanks to both for your input. As per your post Hayden, it turns out that there are two versions of the mixing elbow and the one on the left of your diagram is in short supply so I need to purchase the other version. Hopefully the required reduction to one of the pipes doesn't prove too problematic!


  • James M Gisonna shared Judith L. Jacobsen's video
    4 days ago

    Look where this IP went

    Touche sailing Svalbard 2014

    Touche, an IP 380, sailed to Svalbard and above 80 degrees N i the summer of 2014. The Svalbard Theme was used as some of the music :-)

    hayden James, they have sailed there again this summer, 2015. Judith and Haakon sailed north out of Norway up to Svalbard which I find really amazing.
    3 days ago
  • hayden replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    4 days ago


    We have a full discussion on these mixing elbows here.

    Part numbers and all.

    You can order from the yard I use. Their parts department is fantastic:

    Haven Harbour Marina LLC
    20880 Rock Hall Ave.
    Rock Hall, MD 21661
    410.639.2971 fax
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Mark Waymouth replied to the topic 'Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    Chris did you check Toad Marine Diesel . I replaced my Mixing elbow and various componentry this winter on my Old Yanmar 2MG20F and they had all the parts in stock. I had them at my house two days after I ordered them.


  • Chris Moat created a new topic ' Mixing elbow system ip35' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    I wonder if anyone out there can help me to rescue this summers cruising.

    I have an ip35 with engine 3JH2E and the mixing elbow has corroded, preventing engine use. I am trying to source the replacement parts for the complete system but am struggling to find availability eg

    Insulator - no delivery date can be given
    Water pipe - 21 days from Japan
    Most other parts - 10 days from Holland

    Do you have any contacts that may be able to help secure the parts more quickly/at all. Or ideas on whether there are equivalent parts for new models of the engine which work equally well and are more available ?

    My boat is based in Mallorca, Spain.




  • Shirley Gillis uploaded a new avatar.
  • richard thanked Cheri + Tom Ward in topic Re-upolstery
    2 weeks ago
  • richard thanked hayden in topic Re-upolstery
    2 weeks ago
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    2 weeks ago
  • Cheri + Tom Ward replied to the topic 'Re-upolstery' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    Living aboard for five years we wanted something more comfortable than boat foam for our cushions down below. We had all new cushions made with a thicker, more comfortable foam used for regular indoor upholstery. The material we used was a high grade interior fabric. We've lived with these now for two years and they've held up great and comfort aboard is hugely improved. Probably the best thing we did was adding a slight angle to the back cushions. More info here ( A local upholstery shop did all the work for about $2k.


  • hayden created a new topic ' B & G Repair and Service Tech' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    I have found THE B&G REPAIR MAN. His name is ...
    David Bourque and you can contact him at shop at oceaninlay dot com

    He emailed me and said....
    Hi Hayden,
    Yes we can rebuild you autopilot,
    A seal kit and brushes would be no problem,

    The shipping address is
    Precision Marine Services
    719 Bulgarmarsh Rd
    Tiverton Ri 02878
    401 662 7317

    You may see other services we offer at

    Here is my ram rebuilt and serviced!!!! Next I will send him my spar that is installed now. This unit received new seals and new brushes plus a paint job and it was tested under load. It's good as new. He says these are the best rams made.
    I have to agree.




  • Michael Luskin replied to the topic 'Cellphone Signal Boost?' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    Thanks for this. My needs are really local: coastal NY to Mass., pretty much covered by Verizon 4G/LTE service. It looks like the only equipment I'd need would be the Wilson cradle and antenna (both 4G capable), and the only question is whether it would make a noticeable difference in my cruising grounds. Anyone out there with first-hand experience on LI and BI Sounds?


  • hayden replied to the topic 'Cellphone Signal Boost?' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago


    Back in 2007-2008, I added a Verizon Wireless USB modem to our boat, we plugged this into a Cradlepoint EVDO cell and ethernet router. This allowed our boat to be online via Verizon cell and we ran this from Maine to Key West several times. Radeen and I even worked through 45 graduate credits via Drexel University and they then new, online masters degree program. What we found was that this cellular approach really worked well. We did add a Wilson antenna outside on the bimini frame that ran down and plugged into the USB cellular modem. This enhanced our signal. NOTE: In technology 2007-2008 was a long time ago, and today we are finding that cellular is still a great way to go. Lucky for us, we have an unlimited Verizon cell account. I dropped this USB modem when I discovered the PDAnet app which allows us to hotspot our phones. With that, I had no need for the USB modem.

    Today, I too am looking back into a new system that will boost my cell signal. All this gear is made by WILSON ELECTRONICS, which now is the web site

    This gear is not cheap, but since I use cellular in the US and also in the Bahamas on the BTC Bahamas network, I think the best way to go is with a cellular cradle boost system. This is one where you simply drop your cell phone into a cradle and give the cradle power and plug in an external antenna, and your are good to go. For the boat, this seems like a really easy way to go.

    The one I am looking at is this one:

    Then to get a better antenna, I would look into and read up on the and, the same company. These people really have the gear for cell signal boosting. You can buy everything you need from the 3gstore. The cell antenna I am looking into is a 3G/4G anteann called a SureCell, it can be found here:

    The problem you will find is the issue with cell boosters working in the 3G vs 4G signal. The one you are looking into, I think only does 3G. Most of what we are all using today in the USA is 4G, but then again, when you sail to the Bahamas, they are still using 3G and slowly moving into 4G.

    What I will buy will be a 3G / 4G antenna and 3G / 4G cell booster. If this can be bought, then you can cover all areas.

    With our old rig, and the wilson antenna, we could connect offshore NJ and NY to 8-9 miles. I could never find an area that we could not connect. It is really amazing.

    Our latest trip into the Bahamas, (#4) 2014-2015, I discovered that the BTC Bahamas cell service was far better than any WiFi I connected to. I bought all three services again to compare, WiMax vs OII vs BTC cell, and cell was booming this year. Next year, I will not use WiFi, but rather I will use only BTC cell service which is why I too am looking into cell signal boosters.

    Any one else? Are you using a cell booster? What have you found?

    Hayden....on Verizon cell, via PDAnet+ and my home network. No wired internet here!


  • Blaine Parks created a new topic ' Crew for Professional Yacht Deliveries' in the forum.
    2 weeks ago

    At Parks Marine Services, we are often in search of qualified offshore crew. We also set aside crew positions for those with more limited sailing experience who would like to increase their offshore knowledge and experience. If you have interest in joining us as a way of growing your skills and confidence - or to simply exercise your years of expertise on boats making longer offshore passages - please contact me via our website at

    I have owned two Island Packet yachts (35 & 40) and have delivered every model yacht that Island Packet has ever produced. With over 300K miles of experience, I would love to share some of that knowledge with other Island Packet owners.


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